Living Your Best Life

Living your best life involves a series of trade-offs. 

Important freedoms such as economic equality and birth control have dramatically changed the family dynamics in our society.  The relaxed pace of having a stay at home mom, lots of kids to play with after school, the enhanced safety of a nuclear family…  these things have changed.  Instead of siblings, we have organized team sports.  You get the picture.

The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown

If every couple I mediated with for divorce or post-divorce modifications understood these principles, healing would begin to change the dynamic between them and flow through to their children and communities.  Mediation is often the format where such conversations begin.  Call Judy Larkins to discuss your situation.  Whether you are trying to make agreements to repair your marriage, needing to begin the process to divorce in a respectful manner, or addressing parenting or changes in child support after a divorce decree has b