Judy West Denver Mediator Arbitrator


Restructure your Family while Preserving Dignity, Respect & Resources.

Mediation is a superior, comprehensive approach to addressing all areas of divorce.  There are 4 basic categories that mediation effectively addresses:

  • Division of Debts & Assets:  credit cards, retirement accounts, investments, real estate holdings, dividing family-owned businesses
  • Parenting:  All aspects of a parenting plans (previously called custody) including parenting schedules, decision-making, ordinary and extraordinary expenses, communication, vacation & travel, and college expenses
  • Support:  Child Support and Spousal Support (called Maintenance in Colorado; commonly referred to as Alimony)
  • Document Preparation: Judy uses court approved forms in mediation and drafts a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding / MOU in session that the parties assist in editing.  The document addresses all substantive points related to division of debts and assets, parenting plans, child support and maintenance.  Optionally, parties may address the dispensation of the family-owned business in mediation.
  • Changes to the existing Court Orders (Modifications of Child Support, Modifiable Maintenance, Enforcement)

All of these issues can be quickly and inexpensively addressed in mediation.  Colorado Courts routinely order mediation when there are disputed issues prior to the final hearing, whether or not the parties are represented by attorneys. So why not begin with mediation prior to hiring an attorney to test whether agreement is possible?  Virtually all issues can be addressed and all of the paperwork completed, during the mediation process, for a fraction of the cost of a typical initial retainer.

Restructure your family using a respectful, proven process and save thousands of dollars in legal fees. 
Complete all required paperwork and agreements for your
divorce within the 91 day Colorado mandatory waiting period. 
Modify child support, parenting plans, or other issues, often in just one or two sessions.

Judy Larkins has been a full time professional mediator and arbitrator focusing on divorce and family, small business, and real estate matters for over 10 years.  Her compassion and business savvy assist ex-partners in finding the right plan to restructure the family and meet the needs of all involved.  Judy Larkins is the Executive Director and founder of Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators.

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